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Candle 12,5 x 102 mm, white (100 pcs) - for MINI-series

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Made of white paraffin.
The candles can burn for 1,5 hour and weigh 10.5 gram apiece.


Do not leave burning candles.

Do not keep burning candles near pets.

Distance between burning candles should be minimum 10 cm.

Do not place candles under/by curtains.

Do not place candles in draught.

Cut off the wick to 1 cm.

Burning candles should be placed on a stable and suitable surface.

Do not place burning candles: in direct sunlight, near electrical devices or heat sources.

Put out the candle with a snuffer.

Part Number 90110 Weight: 1080 gr.
Candle 12,5 x 102 mm, white (100 pcs) - for MINI-series
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