- step-by-step


  • Find the desired item.
  • Place the item in the shopping cart by clicking on the icon ‘Add to basket’.
  • You can then continue your search until you find something more you want to buy. 
  • If you wish to cancel any item, or carry out corrections and, for example, change the number of items, you can either delete using the delete button or correct in the box with numbers of items. ‘Update cart’ if you want to see the price after your alterations. The screen image is ‘Proceed to checkout’.
  • On the next screen image, choose your payment and shipping options.
  • Then fill in your customer information and possibly an alternative shipping address. Click ‘Continue’.
  • Confirm your order – your list of ordered items and the data you have entered.
  • Your order will not be shipped until you click on ‘Conclude purchase’. If you leave the page before doing so, the transaction will not take place.
  • The system will immediately send confirmation of your order to the e-mail address you have indicated under customer information.
  • When your order has been dealt with, you will once again receive an electronic message to this effect.


The following product(s) are added to the basket

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