Con-Tac-Tix (Oak)

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Board:   Smoked Oak
Pegs:   Marple and Black Oak
Bags:   Leather

Invented of Piet Hein in 1941.

CON-TAC-TIX® is played on a diamond-shaped board by two players. Two opposite sides of the diamond are marked black; the other two sides are white. The holes at the corners of the diamond belong to either side. One player has a supply of black pegs; the other, a supply of white pegs. The players alternately place one of their pegs in any one of the holes, provided the hole is not already occupied by another peg. The objective of Black is to complete an unbroken chain of black pegs between the two black sides. White tries to complete a similar chain of white pegs between the white sides. The chain may freely twist and turn.  The players continue placing their pegs until one of them has made a complete chain. The game cannot end in a draw, because one player can block the other only by completing his own chain.

Comes with instruction in 10 languages: Danish, English, German, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Japanese.
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Con-Tac-Tix (Oak)

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