Piet Hein

Piet Hein - The rational idealist

He has been called an universalist. In that way a spiritual affinity existed between him and the Renaissance ideal - a modern variant of Leonardo da Vinci. However, contrary to the historical ideals, in Piet Hein's works is found an easily recognizable element whether it is a matter of scientific publications, essays, poetry or architecture. The special Piet Hein touch is the supe-riority of the form in relation to the objectives, the medium and - for that matter - the contents.

Classic Danish design

Piet Hein - always in vogue. The first time Piet Hein utilised the super ellipse was in connection with the design of Sergels Torv in Stockholm in 1959. In the years that followed, he toyed with other uses for this harmonic figure, leading to Super Egg, sports arenas, trays, textiles and many other fascinating items.

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